by Dave Olson, Property Committee Chair & Chief Lawn Dawg

Do you know that Cub Scout Troop 150 uses our church for their headquarters? I didn’t and I’m not sure how many of our members do. A few years ago I was nominated for the church grounds position. I wasn’t aware of how much effort is involved with keeping the church property looking good. As I started the first spring I noticed an awful lot of sticks and branches on the ground.

After struggling for  a day or two trying to get the grounds picked up so we could cut the grass I realized the magnitude of the job. I thought maybe I could check with the Cub Scouts to see if they would be interested in a service project. They were so we set a date for the cleanup. It was an amazing site to watch. Three teams were given each a large tarp and off they went. The adults dragged the tarp as the Scouts picked up all the sticks and tossed it on the tarp and loaded on a trailer. The whole process takes about an hour and it is fun to watch the kids tackle the task with so much enthusiasm! 

This is an example of the relationships the church fosters and how it helps everyone. The Scouts are happy to work on this out of appreciation for the use of the church. This is another one of the many behind the scene activities that are going on all the time at Prince of Peace.