Sacred Settlement Update

The calendar year has turned over and these first few weeks of 2024 have ushered in the inescapable cold of winter. But there is warmth radiating from our Sacred Settlement. Our tiny homes continue offering a cozy escape from the physical and spiritual pain of life lived separated from community. The Common House bustles with activity and hospitality, warmed by the southern sun streaming in the windows. The community grows more active and the future holds so much promise.

Work continues as we prepare the newest home for occupation. So does the discernment process for identifying our next neighbor. We’re taking time to upgrade the electrical service in the new home while also taking care to find just the right neighbor to grow with us as our settlement expands.

Prince of Peace’s Campus Planning Task Force has completed their charge and will be presenting its report to the congregation at the end of the month. The Task Force took the lead over the past year, navigating through the negotiations with the City of Roseville and shepherding the congregation’s discernment towards a permanent commitment to the settlement and its “full-community” approach to addressing chronic homelessness in Minnesota. Of note, the Task Force’s report includes a recommendation to continue to be open to future expansion of the settlement.

God is hard at work in our midst and is not letting go of this vision. Thanks for joining us on this journey!

Celebrate our 1st Anniversary at the Community Dinner

Sunday, January 21, 5:30-7pm

We continue to gather on the third Sunday of each month to share a meal, trade stories, and to celebrate all that God is doing in and through our Sacred Settlement. This month we’ll mark an important milestone; our settlement has been offering a home and a community of support for a full year. So much has happened over the past 12 months, it’s truly amazing to consider how far we have come. Settled’s visionary founder Gabrielle Clowdus, our first resident Valerie Roy, and Pastor Peter will all share their reflections on this past year.

Our Community Dinners are a pot-luck with the main course and beverages provided, so bring a dish to share if you’re able. Or not – it’s ok. Just come – there’s always plenty. And this is the place and time to learn all about the Sacred Settlement, to hear stories of real transformation, and to celebrate all that God is making possible.

3rd Home Blessing is Postponed

As the preparation work continues, we’re holding off on a formal blessing, for now. We look forward to a larger celebration and expanded festivities in the near future.