Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

In the life of faith, our understanding of God’s vision evolves with the rhythm of time. Just as ancient wisdom guided our forebears through shifting landscapes, we, too, are called to adapt our structures to the ever-changing contours of the world.  Our council is proposing just such an adaption with the updates to our constitution and bylaws to be considered at next Sunday’s semi-annual meeting.

Thankfully, the history of God’s activity in the world offers us plenty of precedence.  The biblical narrative is a living testament to God’s dynamic engagement with humanity—the interplay of revelation and response. 

Consider the early ecclesia, a fluid community responding to the Spirit’s promptings. In Acts, we witness a church that organically adjusts, embracing the challenges of its day. The essence of this adaptable nature lies not in rigid hierarchies but in a communal pursuit of God’s unfolding purpose.

The Apostle Paul, in his letters, provides glimpses of an adaptive spirituality. He speaks of diverse gifts, urging believers to discern and use them for the common good. Such a vision necessitates structures that empower, rather than confine, the creativity of God’s people.

As we navigate the complexities of today and the evolution of our community, the call to update our organizational structures is an echo we hear from Scripture. Just as God’s revelation was not confined to a single era, our response should not be bound by static frameworks. The Body of Christ flourishes when it mirrors the natural beauty of creation.

We give thanks to the leaders of our church for their efforts over the past 2-plus years.  Their work will liberate our structures and makes a commitment to embody God’s vision in this ever-changing world. In this dynamic journey, we align ourselves not with the rigidity of tradition but with the resilient flexibility modeled by our spiritual ancestors, who responded faithfully to the call of their time.

May God’s peace find you today.  -Pastor Peter

Let us pray… Gracious Creator, as we continue our journey in faith, we need your guidance to update our church structures, that they may reflect the dynamic beauty of your ever-evolving vision. Grant us the wisdom to discern your prompting and the courage to embrace change.  Amen