Please note that devotions will be posted Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday this week.

Today’s devotional author is Prince of Peace member, Deb Cordes.

Photo Credit: Star Tribune

There was Prince of Peace front and center with an article about our Sacred Settlement. It highlighted our mission and the new house.

I encourage you to read it. (There is a copy on the bulletin boards outside of the library if you do not have a Star Tribune subscription.)

My neighbor came over to show it to me. Two friends called and text messages were received about the article. My friends were excited about what was happening here! They don’t attend Prince of Peace. One couple does not acknowledge God’s existence. Yet they were excited about what we were doing.

God is up to something at Prince of Peace.

While this is an important mission, it is not our only mission. We have a vibrant senior ministry, musicians who play and sing for the glory of God, youth who work to help the world, and adults in the congregation who support them. Melanie left a framework for the children with a group of adults dedicated to children, youth, and family ministry. We are a part of the world in the ministries to Central Park Every Meal, Lyngblomsten, and Tanzanian scholarships.

Goodness, the list is long.

We greet visitors and, hopefully, they feel welcome to worship here. I am so proud to be a member of Prince of Peace and the work it does to fulfill God’s work.

Thank you, friends, for being the miracle that is Prince of Peace.

The work is not done, God, we know that. Please help and guide Prince of Peace as we continue your work. We are merely human but with You, there is endless possibility. Thank you God for listening. Amen.