12:00pm, Sunday, October 1, 2023

The Congregation Council has called for a Special Meeting of the Congregation for the purpose of advancing the work of the Campus Planning Task Force. The emerging campus plan is calling for congregational action on several fronts. A decision is before us to make an on-going commitment to host a Sacred Settlements of tiny homes, creating a community of support with the chronically homeless. The congregation is also being asked to commit to further exploration of potential partnerships to develop portions of our campus to provide additional affordable housing for our community.

Here is the proposed agenda:

  • Call to Order                    
  • Invocation             
  • Establishment of Quorum
  • Special Business
    • Motion: To continue the Prince of Peace settlement of 2 tiny homes with an addition of 1 tiny home to comply with state legislation. The cost to Prince of Peace for the installation of the additional unit is not to exceed $15,000. Any future proposed expansion of the settlement shall be subject to action and vote of the Prince of Peace congregation.
    • Motion: To support the use of Prince of Peace property for the development of affordable housing options and related services. The Campus Planning Task Force will lead the continued study of project development and the PoP Council will bring any recommendation to the congregation for final congregational approved.
  • Closing Prayer                 
  • Adjournment

Any materials being provided to those in attendance will be available here:

Meeting ID: 834 9592 3945, Passcode: 120548

Note for those participating via Zoom: Each connected device may only be connected with one voting member of the congregation. Voting will be available via the “polling” function on Zoom and each logged-in device may cast only one vote per ballot. Please “rename” your device to reflect the voting member’s name. If there are multiple people in your household wishing to be counted and cast a ballot, additional devices (computers, tablets, or phones) will need to log in to the meeting.

For those who would like to gain more comfort and familiarity with how to join the special meeting via zoom and have confidence that their voice and vote will be heard, we will host two Zoom Training Sessions. Members wishing to participate remotely in congregational meetings should be familiar with all of the following:

  • Renaming your logged-in device to properly identify yourself.
  • Muting/unmuting your microphone. (Turning on/off your camera.)
  • Using the “Chat” feature to pose questions or comments to be shared with the host/moderator or the entire group.
  • Using the “Reactions” function to “raise your hand” to be recognized by the meeting chair.
  • Using the “Polling” function to cast a vote.
  • For those requiring multiple logged-in devices to enable more than one person to participate in the meeting:
    • Managing the sound and microphone for multiple devices in proximity to each other.

If you have any questions or if you can’t attend either of these sessions and need help being familiar with the items mentioned above, please contact the office by Thursday, Sept. 28.