This is a continuation in a series of stories from Prince of Peace members, telling how they multiplied the talents they received for the “Investing for Good” initiative. Today we are sharing Mazie Niebeling’s story.

One never knows what can happen simply be getting the word out! Such was the case for Mazie Niebeling who said she couldn’t really think of anything creative to do in an effort to multiply the talents she received. But knowing her kids and grandkids, she had more than an inkling that they would want to be part of this meaningful initiative! So she told them all about “Investing for Good,” its tie to the Parable of the Talents, and the six organizations that would benefit from the funds raised. Sure enough, her sons and grandchildren were more than willing to contribute to the effort and as a result, Mazie’s initial talent of $50 was multiplied by nearly four times. The funds were directed toward Settled and the LSS “Families Together Preschool.”