Today’s Author: Deb Cordes

Jesus says “When you do it for the least of these, you did it for me”. Caring for one another as God first cared for us is our calling as Christians. 

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Last week Pastor Betsy preached on possibility. She talked about those great big, crazy, audacious ideas that aren’t possible. Then dreaming and working to make them a reality. It just happened that the day before, I watched an amazing movie – 14 Peaks. This documentary follows 8 Nepalese mountaineers attempting to climb all 14 peaks higher than 8,000 feet in 7 months. The previous record took 7 years. The team prepped, had their timings down, and knew they would be the first to do it – together. Relentlessly, intensely, nothing would get in the way of their goal. They named it Project Possible. 

Then on Annapurna, as they raced against time after summiting, news of a stricken climber was received. Rather than leaving the mountain to move to their next objective, they turn back up the mountain to bring the stricken man down. They were successful. Caring for him with oxygen and then carrying him down. It meant the window to climb the next peak would be lost. 

On another peak, while descending from the summit and still in the death zone they encounter two stricken climbers. They give them all their oxygen and waited 12 hours for help that never came. 

I was struck that in this story of perseverance, strong wills, tenacity, and all against the odds – what stays me was the unselfish giving and caring for others. 

I hope and pray that when needed, I can rise to care for someone known or unknown as God calls me to do. 

Dear God, you know my heart and hear my prayers. Please help me see the need for Your love in the community and be the response you know I can be. Amen.

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