The Five Values Guiding Our Ministry

Led by a team from the St. Paul Area Synod, the Congregation Council has been working with a cohort of other churches all examining and re-imagining governing structures and organizational processes. Early on in this effort, the working group focused on five values that seem central to our identity. They are:

  • Relationship
  • Generosity
  • Caring
  • Faith
  • Learning

We’ve shared these values in a variety of contexts and continued to receive affirmation that these themes indeed remain central to how we perceive ourselves as the church together. During Lent we then hosted a series of community conversations, both in -person and on Zoom, inviting community members to reflect on how each of these values has been experienced by members and visitors alike. We also wondered together how we might allow these particular values to drive our efforts even more effectively in becoming the church God is calling us to be.

Using the feedback we’ve received, we’ve now drafted a statement for each of the values, attempting to capture 1) how these values are experienced and 2) how we hope to expand on them as we look into the future. As such, we recognize these statements both affirm who we are and what we aspire to be. Note, these are only DRAFT statements and we welcome your input before finalizing them. We’re expecting to ask the full congregation to formally adopt these final statements at it’s next semi-annual meeting in June. Follow the link below to share your feedback.

As Prince of Peace, this is what we value…

  • We welcome all of God’s children through open doors to be in RELATIONSHIP with one another and with God in ever deepening ways.
  • We respond with GENEROSITY to the world, reflecting the abundance of God’s love present in our lives and made available to all.
  • CARING for each other, our neighbors and all of God’s creation as we are inspired to offer genuine compassion and love.
  • We nurture the FAITH given to each of us, listening for how God’s story informs our own and practicing our response.
  • We are always LEARNING, remaining curious about God’s ever-changing world and our place within it.