Today’s Author: Deb Cordes

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

God’s love and caring knows no boundaries. He knows us just as we are. Just who we are. There is NOTHING we can do to separate us from God’s love. It is truly that simple. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that. So….

When you are a sinner, God loves you.

When you are a saint, God loves you.

When you cry so hard you know your heart is breaking into a million pieces, God is there and loves you.

When your joy is boundless, God loves you.

When you wish evil on another, God loves you. ,

When you ask forgiveness, God loves you.  

When you forget who you are, God will find you and God loves you. 

When you are imperfect, God loves you.

When your perfection gets in the way, God loves you. 


By the way – did you know God loves you just as you are? I just remembered. Thank you.

Mid-week devotions are authored by members of our community.  If you are interested in creating a trio of reflections to be shared on an upcoming Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, contact Pastor Peter.