Yesterday we heard the story of Jesus appearing to the disciples in a locked room, but Thomas was not there.  You are probably familiar with this story as “doubting Thomas.”  He says I’m not going to believe until I can touch the wounds in his hands.

In reality, Thomas only wants what the other disciples have already experienced.  We all learn in different ways and Thomas is an experiential learner.  He is craving a relationship with Jesus.  Isn’t that what we are all looking for?

This story is one of the first times we meet the disciples gathering together without Jesus present.  They are facing a whole new reality and they are afraid.  Thus, the locked door.  But just like the stone in front of the tomb couldn’t keep Jesus in, the locked door doesn’t keep Jesus out.  We can barricade ourselves, but God is with us.  Jesus comes to the disciples in a very personal and intimate way and breathes on them, giving them the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is how God comes to us.

Prince of Peace has been defining our values and the first one is relationship.  Relationship with God and relationship with each other.  Just casually meeting someone isn’t relationship.  Spending time with, talking, getting to know one another’s names, caring for one another is how relationship develops.  Shared experience like being in a small group or making music or traveling together deepens these relationships.  As we seek to Crack Open the Faith, we are grateful for the relationships fostered by this faith community.

Let us pray…

Gracious and loving God, we give thanks for the relationships that we have formed with one another – for those we’ve had for much of our lives and those that have recently developed.  Help us to model the relationship you have with us as we seek to make this a warm and welcoming community for all.  In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen.