Today’s Author: Christer Cederberg

When I read in John 11 how Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead I can’t help being impressed. Jesus did something ordinary humans cannot do today, although, in some ways, we may be getting close.

Photo Credit: Boston Scientific

For a dozen years now, I have worked with medical devices at Boston Scientific. The 3000+ contributors at our location in Arden Hills design and build things that help physicians and medical staff perform modern-day miracles. Our implantable defibrillators (or heart starters) can revive a person experiencing cardiac arrest (almost death). Medical teams today perform simple and complex medical procedures that give patients a second chance at life.

As in the case of Lazarus, others also are affected. Understandably, Mary and Martha were weeping as were the Jews who had come along. I would bet there is more visible and lasting suffering among family and friends than in the person whose life faded away.

At work, we employees gather every year to listen to our patients.  At our Arden Hills EMAI (Everybody Makes an Impact) event, patients come to tell us how their lives changed when the end was near.  Our patients generally are joined by the “Marys and the Marthas” as well as “Jews and others”, as their loved ones support them in telling the story.

At our EMAI event there may be a director on a stage chatting with a runner who collapsed on a trail, but then miraculously was given CPR and was taken to a hospital where swift action ensued.  Accompanying the runner may also be a spouse, children or parents.  When you hear them describe how something terrible turned into joy and relief, thanks to a device we developed and built, then you can understand some of what Mary and Martha must have felt at that time.  At these emotional moments, we love our work.

Let us pray for all who work to give a second chance at life – especially today to those who devote their days to helping Covid-infected patients in ICUs and clinics.

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