This is the last week of our MN FoodShare March Appeal

More families are worried about rising food costs and are turning to our partners at Keystone to help make ends meet. We just received the following note from Keystone CEO Mary McKeown asking us to help our neighbors like Andre and his family…

Andre is doing everything he can to create a stable home for his family. He is studying education at the University of Minnesota, maintaining a job as a substitute teacher, and taking care of his family, which includes visiting our Midway food shelf to get groceries to help feed his family of four.

While Andre does all he can to support his family with his limited income. For him, it all comes down to numbers. His family needs the food shelf to help make ends meet.

“Let’s say, if you make $2,000 per month, if you spend $1,000 for food, diapers, and necessities, how are you going to pay rent? How are you going to pay for health insurance? With rent, insurance, how are we going to survive if we don’t get food from Keystone?”

Andre, husband, father, teacher, PoP neighbor

Over the past year, nearly five thousand new people like Andre have used our food shelf services for the first time. Simultaneously, food expenses are rising for Keystone too. This year, we are expecting our overall food expenses to increase significantly. The cost of food we purchase from our food bank partners to stock our food shelves is rising quickly due to transportation costs and supply chain issues.

Will you give a gift today to stock our food shelves and to help Andre’s family get the food they need now and for the rest of 2022? I know you care for your neighbors, which is why I’m asking for your help. Please give today to help Andre and his family have the food and support they need right now!

Andre represents so many people in our community who work incredibly hard to support their families and visit our food shelves only when they need help to make ends meet and to have enough food at home. Please give a gift to help your neighbors today!

Thank you for your support of our community! – Mary

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