Saturday, February 26, 2022; 10:00 – 12:00pm on Zoom

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God-talk on the Cusp of Ecological Collapse
It’s no longer sufficient to discuss “climate change.” Even climate crisis … breakdown … apocalypse, only begins to frame a future we cannot imagine. But, to speak of God on this cusp is to invoke hope that may stretch us—as individuals and as church—to become bearers of good news no matter what.

Our conversation is led by David Weiss who has been wrestling with faith and ecology for more than two decades. He presented “Beyond Ecological Security: Intimacy and Risk. Imago Dei as a Theological Resource for a More Creative Encounter with the Earth” at the Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Justice, November 1996. And “Consuming the Earth in Search of Our Worth,” at Notre Dame, April (Earth Day), 1998.

10:00 Introductions
10:15 Church as Novel Community of Vulnerability, Mutuality, and Hope at the Limits of Human (and Divine) Agency, by David Weiss, who taught theology and religion for twenty years at Luther College, Augsburg University, St. Catherine University, and Hamline University. Today he teaches in congregational settings and blogs at the intersections of Theology, Faith, and Contemporary Events—with a particular interest in climate.
11:00 Process-Relational questions to consider in small breakout groups, proposed by Paul Joseph Greene, Associate Professor of theology at St. Catherine University in St. Paul.
11:30 Full Group Questions and Conversation

This year’s Process and Faith: Twin Cities conversations are rooted in Jay McDaniel’s book, What is Process Thought? Seven Answers to Seven Questions, Process Century Press c.2021. We encourage participants to read Chapter 7, and the Epilogue.

Process and Faith: Twin Cities Connection is an ecumenical organization of theologians, ministers, and anyone interested in the theological and practical implications of process-relational theology for the well-being of all. We are affiliated with the Center for Process Studies, and the Cobb Institute.