New Year, New Worship Series

Eyes wide open, we step into this new year with an invitation to “come and see.”  Using John’s gospel as our guide, this is an opportunity for each of us to experience Jesus for ourselves.  Over the course of the coming two months, we’ll follow where Jesus leads, we’ll see the signs Jesus offers, we’ll listen as Jesus teaches and we’ll come ever closer to knowing the God in whom we believe.

Just as Jesus invited his followers to “come and see,” we too are invited along for this exploration.  An adventure awaits that will uncover important revelations about the ‘Word made flesh’ who has come to deliver grace and truth with abundance.  And we’ve already packed the suitcase with everything we’ll need along the way.  The only thing missing is you.  Join us Sundays in January and February.

Jan. 9 – Invitation & Experience

Focus Text: John 1:35-51

The story starts with an invitation which establishes the launching point for a movement that will open the eyes of all who answer the call.

Jan. 16 – Water & Wine

Focus Text: John 2:1-11

Both the disciples and we as modern-day hearers begin to discover who Jesus is as he turns water into wine.

Jan. 23 – Water & Spirit

Focus Text: John 3:1-21

God’s presence and activity are as central to life as is the water our bodies require.  But in a world with a severe drought of both, “how can this be?” is the question that remains.

Jan. 30 – Water & Witness

Focus Text: John 4:1-42

Jesus does not follow the crowd, nor the norms of society as he befriends someone who is seen as an outsider.

Feb. 6 – Healing & Work

Focus Text: John 4:46-54 [5:1-18]

Feb. 13 – Bread & Life

Focus Text: John 6:35-59

From the one who is the living water, a meal is paired with the bread of life.  For those who come and believe, hunger and thirst will disappear.

Feb. 20 – Water & Life

Focus Text: John 7:37-52

Feb. 27 – Sight & Salvation

Focus Text: John 9:1-41