Today’s Author: Carol Swanson

Amos was called by God to “Go, prophesy to my people Israel,” in the days of King Jeroboam II. As king, he had expanded the northern kingdom Israel’s boundaries farther than at any other time past or future, and the nation was peaceful and prosperous—a great success, by worldly standards. But Amos preached against the grave social and moral injustices that were creating a huge gap between the rich and the poor. 

In our present time and place, what is God calling us to do?  How do we respond? How are we to love God and love our neighbor? In the adult forum a few weeks ago, we heard a few Prince of Peace members share how they have responded to God’s call, whether it was a call to a career or job, or a call to act in a moment.  Ruth Hagander explored her response to God’s calling by writing and sharing a poem. I thought it was powerful and wanted to hear it again, so I asked Ruth if she would allow me to share her poem with you all in this devotion. She agreed. Thank you, Ruth. 

Ruth Hagander

Christmas came and then there was Lent
I reflect now how the months have been spent
Opportunities have come along
Did I find where I belong
Did I step up when a challenge came
Or did I say “not my game” 
Did I confront the hatred I see
Or did silence mean that I agree
Did I study the racist scheme
Or just tire of the age old theme
Did I try to make a friend
Whose race or color might offend
Did I think “I’m not the cause” 
Or ever take the time to pause
And consider what I might do
To join hands and help a few
Discrimination comes in many ways
Jobs and gender – a whirling maze
Health and wealth are not the same
For all who fill the picture frame
The many folks of many color
The “real” person do I smother
We are taught to love our brother
Even those we think as “other”
My good life because I’m white
For equal rights “not mine to fight”
Can I raise my voice, lend a hand
Speak for justice, join the band
Listen not to my monologue
Join with others in dialogue
Bearing flags is not enough
Taking action can be tough
There’s a child hungry and cold
Speak for justice, stand up be bold
Many are lonely both day and night
Reach out in kindness, be a light
God’ creation needs our care
Before its beauty is all laid bare 
The time is here, be awake
Change the culture, much at stake
God will lead, if I care
Live in love, a gift to share.

– Ruth Hagander

Let us pray… Gracious and loving God, sometimes we hesitate or fail to respond to your call, but you are steadfast in your patience and love for us. Empower us to do what is good and right. Amen

“Mid-week devotions are authored by members of our community.  If you are interested in creating a trio of reflections to be shared on an upcoming Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday contact Pastor Peter.