Today’s Author: Milt Warkentien

Photo Credit: Milt Warkentien

In 1 Kings 19:11-12, Elijah meets God at Mt. Horeb. Elijah doesn’t find God in a strong wind, earthquake, or great fire. God came to Elijah in a still, small voice. This text is a reminder, for me, to make sure I take time to be quiet and just listen to what God might be saying to me. 

I associate our packed schedules with the strong wind, earthquake and great fire, in that God usually isn’t easy to find when we’re pulled in many directions.  What are the strong winds, earthquakes, or great fires in your lives? What do you need to do to be able to hear God’s still, small voice? I urge you to take time today to just sit and listen. Do you hear God, sometimes I don’t? What is God calling you to do?

Dear God, May we be open to taking time to listen for your still, small voice, and may we be opening to heeding the call. Amen

“Mid-week devotions are authored by members of our community.  If you are interested in creating a trio of reflections to be shared on an upcoming Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday contact Pastor Peter.