We have all experienced grief and loss in the past few months and years.  All Saints Day is a time to remember the loved ones who have gone before us.  Join us on Sunday, November 7 from 9:30-10:15 in the gym for an Intergenerational Event to remember loved ones.  You’re invited to bring a picture of someone you are remembering.  Activities that morning include: 

Remembering…create a unique candle to remember someone you love or to give as a gift.  No particular artist skills required.

Sharing Stories and Pictures…sharing stories and memories is a great way to remember someone and to process grief.  You are welcome to bring a picture of loved ones you’re remembering and chat with others about these stories and pictures. 

Caring for Others…this is what a church community does for one another.  Come learn about the prayer shawl ministry and see the handmade shawls that are given to people going through tough times.  Help tie a fleece blanket to be donated to someone in the community.

Expressing Grief…everyone grieves differently, and grief may hit you in unexpected ways at unexpected times.  Journal, doodle, draw or chat about however you are feeling right now.

Helping Kids with Grief…grief is something that impacts people of all ages.  Sometimes it is hard to talk about.  We will have picture books, coloring and puzzles as resources to help parents and children talk about losses they’ve experienced. 

Quietly Contemplating…did you know that Prince of Peace has a prayer labyrinth?  It is built into the paver stones by the outdoor Columbarium.   Labyrinths have been used as a way to pray since the Middle Ages.  The physical movement of walking is a time to pray or focus on breathing to open your heart and mind.  You are invited to use the labyrinth during the intergenerational event or at any time you choose. 

Praying…take the opportunity to pray silently, to write a prayer about or a letter to the person you are missing, or pray individually with someone.