Today’s Author: Suzan Hurlbut

Photo Credit: Unsplash

It’s kind of embarrassing to admit but I’m going to talk about my nails.  For years I have abused my nails by doing acrylic nails.  I loved how they look!  Finally, I took them off and started trying to heal them.  I’ve been frustrated about how slow it is because you are supposed to use this oil to heal the nail bed and not put any polish or anything on them for at least 2 months.  Well, today I was going to sit down with my “to do” lists and I realized the similarity between caring for my nails and my life. 

I realized that I need to take time to heal the underlying problem with my nails even though I would like them to look nice now.  The same is with my life and my “to do” tasks.  My most important task is to attend to my healing connection with God.  I don’t think God makes my day bad or punishes me if I don’t do that but I do know that when I do,  he is more present in my life and maybe I can be a bit calmer and trusting.

“Abide in me and let me abide in you” (John 15:4.)  Easy to say, hard to do.

May you and I remember that the Great Healer is just waiting to be present in our lives.  

“Mid-week devotions are authored by members of our community.  If you are interested in creating a trio of reflections to be shared on an upcoming Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday contact Pastor Peter.