Sunday, September 26, following 10am worship

The Goepferts

Earlier this summer, our community gathered to mourn the recent deaths of two beloved charter members of this congregation, Joan & Jim Goepfert. Our proceedings didn’t allow for much visitation and we’ve been looking for a way to appropriately gather once more, with Joan and Jim on our minds. For those who knew them, it also became clear that an ice-cream social would be a fitting way to remember these dear saints.

Over the past 64 years, the Goepferts have contributed to the lives of faith for so many who have been a part of this ministry since its very inception. We delight at the prospect of combining an opportunity to remember their witness with celebrating the affirmation of baptisms for our latest class of confirmands which will take place on Sunday, September 26, during our 10am worship service. The Goepfert family will be joining us, sharing ice cream treats to remember their parents and grandparents, and to honor our confirmands. In the process, we’ll all witness how the baptismal journeys we share are a series of important milestones that begin before birth and continue beyond death.

We hope you’ll join in the celebration.