Earlier this week, we received word from our partners at Caterpillar Learning Center (CLC) that they are confronting an outbreak amongst students testing positive for Covid-19. CLC is the day care that leases and uses a portion of our church building during the week. Unlike prior known infections, indications are that there has been spread of the disease between students while in our facility. The division of the MN Health Department which licenses, monitors and supports childcare operations like CLC was notified and has established guidance for how the operation can proceed, keeping the population they serve as healthy as possible.

All students that were in contact with those known to have Covid must quarantine at home for five days and may only return to CLC with evidence of a negative Covid test. Vaccinated staff members are to monitor signs of symptoms but may continue to work at this time. While their operations continue, the student census this week is very small.

At this time, we are not adjusting any of our operational protocols but we are encouraging staff and visitors to refrain from access to or use of the portions of the building in use by CLC. We would further encourage our community members to limit their access to the interior of the building 6am to 6pm, Monday through Friday. Should you have need to drop anything off, feel free to do so in the entryway of the main entrance. Contact the office with any questions or concerns. Lastly, please hold CLC and our staff in your prayers as we navigate these latest challenges.

-Pastor Peter Christ