Today’s Author: Gary Olson

Though contemporary authors have a lot of interesting and good ideas to offer, the old thinkers have also written some good ideas helpful to living the faith.  In his personal statement of faith based on the First Article of the Apostles’ Creed, Martin Luther outlines some ways God nurtures and supports our lives through the fertile and ongoing creation—our home. He concludes with these words (the inclusive language is mine): 

“All this God does out of fatherly/motherly and divine goodness and mercy, though I do not deserve it. Therefore I surely ought to thank and praise, serve and obey God.”

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

“I surely ought to thank. . . God.” We don’t give thanks for everything. Hurtful and harmful things happen. We may ask God’s guidance in dealing with them but we do not give thanks for them. Still, thanksgiving, gratitude, is a healthy part of our lives.

Gratitude motivates us. When I am thankful for my wife, Jean, I love her better, care for her better.

I’m thankful for my small garden and so I tend it—watering more often on these hot days and weeding. It’s responding with beans, radishes, tomatoes, and, hopefully, cantaloupe! 

This world is God’s gift for us and all creatures, God’s gift for us to tend like a garden, God’s gift of home. I hope we are thankful for it; not only thankful for sunrises and sunsets but for the ways creation nurtures and supports our lives. “All this God does out of fatherly/motherly and divine goodness and mercy . . . . Therefore I surely ought to thank God . . . .” by caring for this world in ways we are able: by being vaccinated against covid, by picking up trash along the roads, by using less water, gas, and plastic, by making my next vehicle a more eco-friendly one, by voting for candidates who fight climate change, etc. 

We thank God for this beautiful home by caring for it and therefore caring for ourselves.

“For the beauty of the earth, for the beauty of the skies, for the love which from our birth over and around us lies: Christ, our Lord to you we raise this our sacrifice of praise.” ELW #879

“Mid-week devotions are authored by members of our community.  If you are interested in creating a trio of reflections to be shared on an upcoming Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday contact Pastor Peter.