There is a well-known story of a tall truck that became wedged beneath a railroad overpass, blocking traffic from all directions.  The truck driver, police and other motorists couldn’t figure out how to get the truck unstuck.  Then a little boy asked, “why not just let some air out of the tires?”  Sometimes, the solutions to our biggest problems require some creative thinking from underestimated contributors. 

Yesterday’s scripture reading featured another well-known story.  Israel’s first king faced a big problem – an invading Philistine army, championed by a giant of a warrior.  How could Saul’s outmatched army hold their ground?  What weapons or tactics would help them prevail?  Goliath, the Philistine giant, proposed a dual of champions but the people of Israel had no comparable warrior to stand toe to toe.  While Saul and his generals weighed the options, a shepherd boy had another idea.  David, who trusted God’s promises above all else, didn’t need to use swords or shields or heavy armor, he just needed a well-placed shot with his sling.

What are the biggest problems facing you today? How about for your neighbors?  How could you look at this problem differently to find a creative solution?  Who else could you be listening to?

The stories we return to over and over again help to remind us that God’s activity in the world is often likely to happen in unexpected ways and through underestimated people.  Whenever we’re feeling impossibly stuck and up against seemingly insurmountable problems, let’s remember to look for the places and the people that can help us find creatively simple solutions.

May God’s peace find you this day.  -Pastor Peter

Let us pray…

Open up our senses God, whenever we’re feeling stuck, to uncover the creative thinkers and ideas that will help solve the big problems we face.  Give us the courage to set aside assumptions and our own expectations so that your vision might be made plain.  Amen.