Here is a summary of the key issues and actions addressed at the May 11, 2021 meeting of the Congregational Council:

  • Reviewed the ideas generated at the Council retreat held on May 2. A common vision for the coming year is to encourage greater communication and involvement of PoP members, with a focus on family and intergenerational events.
  • Approved a motion to join the Saint Paul Area Synod-led “Liberating Structures” congregation organization renewal process. Click here to read more about what Liberating Structures means for PoP.
  • Approved a motion that Prince of Peace will join the Mental Health Connect Collaborative, a faith-based information, referral, and advocacy organization. Click here to learn more about Mental Health Connect.
  • Reviewed a new Community Engagement report prepared by Office Administrator, Kristin Bloxham. The report presented data collected about attendance, online viewing, visits to the PoP website, and other indicators of congregational activity.
  • Approved a motion to spend up to $15,284 to replace the current heating and air conditioning unit serving the office area.