And we need you to join us!

The church facility, our primary tool for ministry, has several much-needed updates and deferred maintenance projects that require addressing in the near future.  The scope and scale of these projects adds some complexity to the work before us and we need your help.  In support of the many dedicated volunteers who care for our building and property, we are assembling a planning group to help prioritize the array of tasks and to make recommendations to the council and ultimately the congregation on how best to proceed. 

Would you be willing to join us in this effort?  We really need participation from a broad cross-section of the congregation to make sure the full variety of our ministry efforts are represented in this process.  You don’t have to know anything about buildings or mechanical systems, you just need to have a passion for the ministry we share.

There is a preliminary organizational and informational meeting taking place on Tuesday, May 25 at 6pm under the meeting tent in the parking lot.  Please contact Michael Stetzler (email or call 651-347-7732) if you’re interested in attending.