Post-Easter Worship Series Starts April 11

As much as we long for a return to how it was before, we have to acknowledge that there are some things to which we can never fully return.  Instead, we are being called somewhere new.  We’re being called into a future that God has created for us, one where all that has held us captive, even death, no longer has power over us.  And with this new freedom, God is expecting great things from us.

At the same time, the road we now travel isn’t completely foreign.  There are truths that we have known that are now confirmed in this post-resurrection reality.  Truths about God and truths about us that can help guide us on our way.  Over the course of April and May, we’ll be exploring together how what we already know about God will help us navigate our pathway forward into the unknown, trusting that God is with us, around every corner and across every horizon.

Sunday, April 11

On the road to Emmaus. Retired ELCA Pastor and PoP Member, Steve Sveom will be our guest preacher this day.
Focus Text: Luke 24:13-35
Two of Jesus’ friends walked a 7 mile journey to Emmaus, puzzling over the events of Holy Week when they were joined by Jesus.  Scripture and a meal helped them encounter the risen Jesus and their hearts burned with life in Christ.

Sunday, April 18

The word of God continues to spread. 
Focus Text: Acts 6:8-7:2a, 51-60
Struggling to make sense of senseless things, we should remember an important truth: God’s love cannot be contained to the places only you would want it to remain.

Sunday, April 25

Baptized and set free.
Focus Text: Acts 8:26-39
In the story of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch, an unnamed black man identified only by his status and nationality is stopped while driving. He asks Philip,“What is to prevent me from being baptized,” causing us to wonder how many barriers do we create for those who are labeled as “other”?

Sunday, May 2

Living by Faith. 
Focus Text: Galatians 1:13-17; 2:11-21
We are justified by faith through grace and today we hold fast to that promise, trusting that the Holy Spirit indeed is at work to make us new creations in Christ. These words central to the understanding of the gospel and our place in it. Today we take a look at what it means to belong to the one who issues invitation to everyone, no matter what.

Sunday, May 9

The Council at Jerusalem. 
Focus Text: Acts 15:1-18
Group decision making, by its very nature, can be a complicated proposition.  Since its very founding, the Christian church has not been immune from heated debate over matters big and small.  But, through it all, God has remained faithful to the church.

Sunday, May 16

One in Christ. 
Focus Text: Galatians 3:1-9, 23-29

Sunday, May 23 – Pentecost

The Fruits of the Spirit. 
Focus Text: Acts 2:1-4; Galatians 4:1-7, [5:16-26]
Sticks or carrots?  These are the two ways to motivate someone to behave as you might want them to.  So which motivates you best?  Which tactic does the Spirit of God use with the church?