Watch this 5-minute video!

In the reading for this coming Sunday, the Pharisees challenge Jesus on what is proper on the Sabbath.  To gain a deeper understanding of how celebrating a sabbath relates the life of faith, I would encourage you to watch this brief video from the Bible Project.  It’s only about five minutes long but introduces a really important scriptural theme and it’s central to the claims our gospel writer Luke makes about Jesus.

In the video, you learn of the numerical importance of sevens for God’s people as they practiced their faith.  The rhythms created through all these sevens gave a particular cadence to life, one that was always tuned to God’s vision for the world.  As we move forward into this weekend, let’s take some time to consider our own practice of Sabbath.

How do you experience your own Sabbath?  What is most important about observing a Sabbath?  How strict are you in this observance?  How do others you know observe a Sabbath?

Now, go a little deeper…

How might you strengthen your practice?  How might you encourage or support others in their own Sabbath practices?  What would a “jubilee” year look like for the broader community or even our country?

In the days ahead, I hope you can be intentional about finding the true Sabbath rest that is so central to God’s vision.

May God’s peace find you this day. – Pastor Peter

Let us pray:

Lord God, your lovingkindness always goes before us and follows after us. Summon us into your light, and direct our steps in the ways of goodness that comes through our life together in Christ. Send your Spirit to enlighten us this week as we serve, pray, rest, and act; trusting that your grace goes before us. We pray in the name of Jesus who shows us the face and love of God, Amen.