A new congregation isn’t the only exciting news for our companions in Tanzania!

Nyamatonga Evangelist’s House

“Tunabarikiwa sana!”

we are so blessed!

This was the caption that Pastor Tewele from Bomalang’ombe wrote on a recent Facebook post celebrating the finishing touches on the house for Evangelist Winford Mlimakifi at the Nyamatonga Preaching Point. Nyamatonga is the most remote preaching point at Bomalang’ombe, high up on a hill away from the village. They were able to use some of the funds raised during our Lenten Offering and annual Tanzania Dinner to purchase materials to plaster the walls, put in a cement floor, and install solar electricity! The solar electricity was installed by the Evangelist for the Bomalang’ombe Preaching Point, Festo Longo, who is also an electrician.

“Sasa kuna Nuru hakuna giza tena. Asante sana Prince of Peace”

Now there is light, there is no darkness anymore. Thank you so much Prince of Peace.

The congregations of Bomalang’ombe and Vikongwa have an ambitious 3-year plan to provide and complete evangelist housing, as well as make improvements to the preaching point and church buildings. Some of the preaching points are a significant distance away from the village and housing allows the Evangelists to serve their members more effectively and efficiently. Building projects also provide jobs and are an evangelism tool – they signal to other village residents that something exciting is happening and makes them curious to learn more. This gives our companions that chance to share God’s Good News with their neighbors. Prince of Peace helps support a portion of the congregational building projects through our Global Missions budget, special Lenten offerings and some of the annual Tanzania Dinner proceeds.

We also have a Love Let Go proposal that requests additional funds needed to support the 3-year plan for these rapidly growing ministries.

Thanks be to God for this exciting news from our companions! Here are some pictures to show progress:

The view from behind the house (plus a couple of the goats from the Widows’ Goat Project!)
Evangelist Winford Mlimakifi in front of the house! The signs by the door record the date the house was blessed by the bishop. Note the hand washing station in front of the house and the outside light above the door. The vehicle that delivered the sand is a motorcycle with a truck bed attached to the back
Unloading sand for making cement. The building at the right is the kitchen.
Inside the main room with painted walls.
Plastering the walls and floors.
Pastor Tewele inspects the solar panel before installation.
Evangelist Festo Longo installing pipes for the electrical wiring.
Solar panel controls.
Let there be light!