Over Labor Day weekend we went to see the public art exhibit, “Roseville in Bloom,” which is a series of rose statues scattered throughout Roseville. Our favorite was “Harmony in Nature,” by Jill Osiecki. The front petals of the rose are each a different animal: deer, racoon, owl, rabbit, fox, a squirrel, and more, all connected into one rose. The back of the petals are magnificent monarch wings, with frogs forming the base. It is a beautiful image of the connectedness of creation. 

As we begin our fall series, “nothing can separate us,” I have been thinking about harmony and connection. In the very beginning of our scriptures we see both harmony and discord, all of creation in tune with itself and then out of tune with the advent of sin. But we were created for and in harmony, which is important to remember when we feel disconnected from God and one another. Our roots are not in sin, our roots are being in harmony, in tune, being connected; we were meant for connection. God’s grace and love keeps calling us back to our roots of connection, no matter what: no matter our sins, our mistakes, our self-centeredness, or our failures. God never stops drawing us, and all of creation, to God’s self in love. Thanks be to God!

In Peace and Hope, Pastor Ruth