While we have been including an opportunity for individuals to celebrate the Lord’s Supper within most of our recorded worship videos, we recognize that this experience varies with each individual participant. One of the obvious limitations of our current practice is the absence of other guests at our virtual tables. Jesus’ invitation to the table is broad and, for some, to know that they are one guest among many is an important reminder of the fuller identity of the Body of Christ.

As with much we are attempting during this period of continued social distancing, we are calling on the Spirit to help us creatively address this longing for deeper connectivity. To this end, we are going to try something new – a virtual service of communion, in real time amongst the gathered body – still safely remote. We will be using the Zoom video conferencing platform to commune together once each month and for as long as worship remains physically distanced. One of our pastors will preside from the table as others are gathered at this virtual feast. Participants will still provide their own elements but the words of promise, “the body and blood of Christ given and shed for you,” will be proclaimed individually for each person present.

Join us for this time at the table together. The second Sunday of each month (June 14, July 12, August 9 to start) at 11am. Be prepared to eat and drink with your own bread, wine or juice.

For those without a camera, you can still participate by logging in to Zoom (clicking the link above). You can watch along on the screen or device you’re reading this on and the Pastor will still address you individually.

As with all that we are doing to adapt our practices to keep one another safe, we will trust that God is at work, delivering the means of grace to us. And, if we’re “doing it wrong,” we can be just as confident of God’s enduring mercy.