December 1

Advent begins! Come and participate in an intergenerational event during the education hour.

December 8

Jen Winterfeldt, Director of Community Engagement at Keystone Services, will be with us to talk about the group’s work in housing and food support for Roseville and the St. Paul Area. Her message, both troubling and hopeful, parallels the promise of hope delivered by the prophet Isaiah to the people living in exile in Babylon. A day is coming when their time of sojourn in Babylon will end, and they will return home.

December 15

ELCA pastor Phil Blom will be with us to speak of his work in rebuilding churches and homes destroyed by natural disasters. Phil is known in many circles of the church as the “Disaster Pastor,” and for good reason. He has stepped in many times to help communities of faith rebuild. Pastor Phil will also preach at the early service on this Sunday. It’s appropriate that the narrative lectionary text for the day is the rebuilding of the destroyed temple in Jerusalem after the time of the exile.

December 22

Come to the Christmas Café for a time of celebration and fellowship.

December 29 – No Forum

Note, there is only one worship service at 10am this Sunday.