Not all news is bad news!

Lost in the bad news banners streaming across our screens, is the extraordinary nonviolent work to protect civilians and prevent violence in communities across our country.  You are invited to a rare opportunity to share in this work on Thursday, Oct. 24 from 5-7pm at Plymouth Congregational Church.

Engage activities who demonstrate everyday that nonviolent approaches to conflict are effective both internationally and locally.  They are in Minnesota as part of a 3-day guided retreat hosted by Nonviolent Peaceforce to better understand how these methods that work internationally can be scaled up to protect people along the U.S./Mexican border, in Minneapolis, New York, DC, Standing Rock and other place around North America.

As a part of a faith community that has supported Nonviolent Peaceforce’s international work, you have likely thought about how we could apply unarmed civilian protection to communities in the U.S.  Could the methods we use to protect people in Iraq and South Sudan protect our neighbors, resolve community conflicts, protect people at the southern U.S. border or address urban violence?

This is an opportunity to engage those questions.

An event hosted by Nonviolent Peaceforce and Plymouth Immigration Welcoming Group. For more information, click here.