One of the recent Mission grants was “Grow a Scholarship”. Prince of Peace provides scholarship money for our partner congregation in Bomalang’ombe Tanzania.  The average scholarship is $400 and allows students to attend secondary school (high school) or vocational training.

We received a grant of $400 that will be used to “grow” additional scholarships at our Tanzanian dinner and auction. On our recent trip to Tanzania, we converted the $400 to Tanzanian Shillings and divided the funds among the 4 travelers. Each traveler received 230,000 TSH ($100) to buy items for our silent auction.

What can 230,000 TSH buy?  Caryn’s purchases included:  2 pairs of earrings (elephants and giraffes), a screen-printed girl’s dress, 3 safari animal necklaces, a painted coat rack with animals, a soapstone nativity, beaded angel ornaments, a beaded wire elephant, a small hand carved wooden nativity and a beaded wrap bracelet!  The other travelers purchased similar treasures.

Mark your calendars for our Tanzanian dinner and auction on November 10, to check out all the auction items and see how much we can make the scholarships grow!