2019 Summer Worship Series

The book of Jonah is not like most other books in the Old Testament.  It’s listed among the books of the prophets but it’s more like a short story.  Jonah, our title character, is never called a prophet but God calls him to deliver a word to the people in the Assyrian city of Nineveh.  Jonah is less than thrilled about following through on this task and tries to run away from God.  That’s where the big fish comes in.  Ultimately, we learn from Jonah’s story that God is full of surprises and being in relationship with God means placing a whole lot of trust in God’s love for the whole world, even for people we can’t imagine ever loving ourselves.  We think most of us agree that following God is not always easy, so come discover some the wisdom God revealed to Jonah and just might reveal to us.  Join us each Sunday in August.

August 4 – You can run but you can’t hide.

August 11 – When you hit rock bottom, look up.

August 18 – God loves to give people a second chance.

August 25 – God loves everybody and wants people to know it.