We had a busy day today! We started the morning at the Iringa diocese office learning about all the ways the Bega kwa Bega partnership is working to change lives in Tanzania and St. Paul. We learned how important it is to exchange visits to learn more about each other.At the diocese office we saw seedlings for pine trees and avocado trees that are being prepared for the Millions of Trees project. Radio Furaha is also part of the campus and we got a tour of the facility. They broadcast religious music and community development educational projects.The next stop was Iringa University where we met Itiweni who introduced us to the staff and gave us a tour. One of the fascinating programs on campus is their center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship where they teach students skills for running their own businesses.

After lunch at Neema’s Crafts (and purchasing some great items for this year’s auction!) we briefly explored the market and headed to Huruma center to learn more about the amazing work they are doing with the orphans. We had a great time playing with the children – Duck, Duck, Goose is universal – and Lea showed the kids a video of her children giving a greeting in Swahili. That was a big hit!

Tomorrow we head to Bomalang’ombe!

Visiting the diocese office

Preparing avocado trees by trimming the roots

Radio Furaha, one of the journalists doing a live show

The staff at Iringa Hope

The center for innovation and entrepreneurship at Iringa University

Duck, duck, goose

Playing another game

Pastor Joyce with the new stove

Lea showing the children a video of her children giving a Swahili greeting

Preparing student gift bags