Bookmarks are made, bags are packed and prayers for safe travels have sent us on our way to Tanzania!

We will post stories of our time together was we go to visit our brothers and sisters in Bomalang’ombe Tanzania.

Some information about our journey:

  • Tanzania is 8 hours ahead of Minnesota
  • We fly through Amsterdam to get to Dar es Salaam. We will arrive Wednesday night.
  • Thursday we have a full day drive to Iringa, driving through 5 ecosystems on the way.
  • We will spend a day exploring Iringa and visiting some of the mission of the Iringa Diocese
  • Saturday we head to Bomalang’ombe and will spend the next 4 and a half days visiting and learning and worshipping and building relationships!
  • We return to Iringa for a night and then head out to Ruaha National Park for 2 nights at Mwagusi Safari Camp.
  • After exploring Iringa a bit more and worshipping in the Iringa area, we finish our trip visiting the coastal cities of Bagamoyo and Dar es Salaam.

We are grateful for the chance to see our Tanzanian friends again and to share God’s love together as representatives of Prince of Peace.