There is no way to be the church that God imagines for Prince of Peace without the combined efforts of so many who volunteer their time, energy, and resources. It might be impossible to match the amount of our gratitude to your efforts, but we’re sure going to try! We are so grateful for the huge variety of ways folks support this community of faith through their actions.  Teaching, praying, singing, playing, folding, stuffing, counting, sewing, ushering, reading, cleaning, mowing, painting, fixing, cooking, baking, washing, preparing, feeding, stacking, mending, encouraging, laughing, crying, hugging, celebrating, and so many other -ings!

Join us on Sunday, May 19 for one of our special worship services and an appreciation breakfast happening between worships.  During worship, a variety of our musical ensembles will sing and play for us one last time before our summer schedule returns.  During our Faith Formation Hour there will be a pancake breakfast in the gym and reception room to help us celebrate all the ways our volunteers have served this community of faith.

Note that our summer schedule returns on Sunday, May 26 with one outdoor service at 10am.  Then on Sunday, June 2, we’ll have our traditional worship times at 8:30am and 10am.