This Lent we are looking at Jesus’ most quoted expressions as we continue in God’s story and ours. Expressions are usually easy to remember, sometimes pithy, often tools for teaching, comfort, or guiding.

What kind of expressions do you find yourself repeating? A friend of mine was recently remembering that her mom would often say, “the early bird gets the worm,” and how she found that both maddening and inspiring. Many friends hold close to “one day at a time” to help them navigate daily ups and downs. Growing up in my house I loved hearing, “there is nothing you can do to make me stop loving you,” and hated hearing “do what you are told to do when you are told to do it.”

Expressions can be helpful as we make journeys of all kinds: journeys of faith, relationship journeys, journeys through self-reflection, vocation, journeys through a health crisis, or actual trips with overflowing backpacks and carry ons. Unfortunately most of us have unhelpful expressions we tell ourselves from time to time too: “I always mess up,” “I’m not good enough,” and “bad things always happen to me.”

As we journey through Lent hearing Jesus’ famous expressions I’d like you to pay attention to the expressions you use and reflect on these questions:

What are the sayings that bring you hope?

What expressions inspire you?

What are expressions you share with others to lift them up?

What do you find yourself telling yourself that is not helpful?

What could you take on as an expression of faith this season?


As you reflect, remember that one of the most oft repeated expressions in the Bible is “Do not be afraid.”  Whatever journey you may find yourself on, remember that Christ travels the road with us and for us, all the way to the cross and into new life.

Peace be with you,

Pastor Ruth


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