Adult Forums This Month:

February 3–The Lord’s Prayer. Do you wonder about wording variations of the Lord’s Prayer? And why is the Lord’s Prayer important? Scott Tunseth and Michael Stetzler lead us in this exploration and discussion.

February 10– How do we talk to one another in a polarized society? Come hear Bill Doherty about

William Doherty is an educator, researcher, therapist, speaker, author, consultant community organizer. He is Professor and Director of the Marriage and Family therapy Program in the Dep of Social Sciences at the University of Minnesota.

Among many other things he is a National Leader in the movement to solve the problem of overscheduled kids and under connected families. He has been nationally recognized with all of his marriage and family work.

His most recent work has been to be the founder of Citizen Professional Center which one of his projects which he will talk with us about is Better Angels which is a citizens’ organization uniting red and blue Americans in a working alliance to depolarize America.

February 17– Intergenerational faith formation event

February 24– Pastor Jodi Houge will share how storytelling events in her neighborhood bar has shaped how her church (Humble Walk) connects into their neighborhood.

Also, Pastor Jodi will be leading a storytelling workshop at Prince of Peace on Tuesday, February 26. If you would like to be one of our storytellers during Lent or just want to learn how to become a better teller of tales, then this workshop is for you.

March 3– Our guest Sarah Walker, is a reformer, advocate and lobbyist for changing the laws of our system of incarceration. Sarah’s public policy work has received many accolades. She will speak about the effects of the current system of incarceration and parole on the person incarcerated as well as on the family and society as a whole. Along with a large consortium of organizations she has helped make some changes but much more remains to be done.