Are we there yet? We’re done!  The pastor team is in place, just as we wanted and agreed to support. So, we’re done! Right?

Some days I wish I could kick back and just let the Pastors do it. Then reality hits….WAIT….NO…OUR work has just begun. We promised God, each other, and the pastors to be a presence with God in the church, in the community, and in our homes.

So, with that in mind….I am requesting you think about the stretch to ensure our congregation lives into its commitment to God and ourselves. We are asking you to commit to weekly/monthly/annual giving to meet the vision we created. Why? Because now more than ever:

  • We need the community of Christ called Prince to Peace – a place where we are accepted just as we are, who will help when needed, and are a created and a chosen family for each of us.
  • The community needs our presence. Whether it’s the RAMS food shelf, the weekend food packets, RAHS food shelf contributions, Tanzania scholarships, Iringa Hope, Angel Fund, or space we provide for blood drives and voters. Our community needs us more than ever to show God’s grace and love.
  • The world needs us. It needs our prayers, voices and commitment to make a difference. Together we hold up those who need us most and we can engage in conversations about our differences that cannot be held only in our heads.

We also give because we want to – in some instances, because we need to.

When I was a little girl, my grandmother made me give up a coat I was wearing on a cold winter’s day because the little girl I handed it to “needed it more.” I didn’t understand what that meant until many years later and now, I am grateful for the lesson learned.

OK – I never thought I’d write a Stewardship message…..I HATE asking for money….just thought you should know.

One last request, there are many people out there who are searching for God. Some know it – some only feel something is missing in their lives. The hope they seek, the need for something different may be filled, may be here, at Prince of Peace and only an invitation away.

Over this Holiday season, I invite you to reach out and invite someone – a friend, acquaintance, colleague to join us. It might be an invitation to sing carols, pasta with pastors, sing in the Lessons and Carols service or just come and be – at a Sunday service.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate all you do here at Prince of Peace! I am glad for your presence in my life.


Blessings, Deborah Cordes, President