Advent 2018 at Prince of Peace

Since we began our journey with the Narrative Lectionary, we’ve heard stories of how God makes promises to God’s people and to all creation and is faithful in keeping those promises. From our very first Sunday with the Noah story, God promises to work with and through God’s people regardless of all that we might do to live outside of that promise.  God built on this promise to Sarah and Abraham that they and their descendants would be blessed to be a blessing for all the world.

As a reminder of God’s promise, a rainbow has hung in our sanctuary, under which we’ve gathered to hear more and more stories of God’s faithfulness and of a vision for how to live in response.  This promise and the vision that is born from it continues to shape our lives yet today.  Even though we and the world seemingly conspire to deny the promised truth, we are called to live in the hope that God will never be separated from us.

In this Advent season, we hear the words of the prophets pointing us to another revelation and the rainbow-colored promise will reveal something is being made new yet again.  God is pushing back against the darkness that wants to overtake us.  Come to this community of faith during December, bringing your hurts and longings, your questions and curiosities.  Together, waiting for the promised, we might live in hope for the savior to come.

Highlights in the Advent season:

  • The Minnesota Boychoir helps to lead worship on Dec. 2.
  • Join in one of the many caroling opportunities this season.
  • Singer/Songwriter John Hermanson will discuss and perform from his album “Isaiah” during Adult Forum on Dec. 16.
  • The Children’s Program tells the Christmas story during the 2nd service on Dec. 16.
  • Lightshine, Chancel Choir and the Bell Choir help to lead “Lessons & Carols” on Dec. 23.
  • “A Christmas Cafe” for all-ages will take place between services on Dec. 23.
  • Christmas Eve worship with candlelight at 3pm, 4:30pm and 10:30pm.