I’ve mentioned in a few places that the nature of my role here at PoP is shifting rapidly and more in line each day with the call you extended to me at the start of 2017. It’s an exciting time to be here and working with this newly expanded leadership team is proving to be a real joy. Up until now, much of my energy has had to be dedicated to “day-to-day” ministry and programming and it’s great to be sharing that load now with such a great collection of colleagues. I also look forward to investing more time in developing the leadership capacities of our lay volunteers who have proven themselves so capable since the beginning of my ministry here.  Here are a few highlights from the ministries I’ve been tending to recently…

Leadership Development

  • Pastor Betsy has started! Her first week included a Cross-Generational ministry conference in CO but she made it back in time to help lead worship on 10/7. We will be working closely together to get her up to speed asap and we’ll try to keep the info flow feel something less than a wide-open fire hydrant.
  • PoP is serving as our Youth Director Cori Forcey’s seminary “Christian Public Leadership” site and I am her mentor. Together we’ve agreed to a set of learning goals, which we will support her in accomplishing. She’ll also be working with Pastors Betsy and Ruth to round out her experiences with us.
  • he Nominations Committee to come back together to pick up the work of leadership vacancies, succession planning and upcoming elections. We still need one more member for this committee as well.

Program Notes

  • We’re falling into a nice rhythm with the Narrative Lectionary (NL) and I welcome your feedback on how we’re connecting worship with adult forum and faith formation.  Many thanks to all of our worship, faith formation and adult education planners and leaders who are accomplishing such wonderful things.
  • PoP is collaborating with a group of 8 churches that all use the NL on an Epiphany Series, “Why Jesus?” (Jan. & Feb.) In addition to collaborative worship planning, each church will submit one video story that will be edited and shared as a part of the resource.
  • Confirmation programming is now in re-development. Parents have been surveyed and Pastor Betsy and I have done some redesign which will be shared with students and parents as we prepare to re-launch this ministry.
  • Anne and I were able to attend the Camp Wapo Family Weekend along with a great collection of families from PoP. Many thanks to Erika Wold for planning and leading such a wonderful retreat for all ages. Thanks too to Cori Forcey as she helped with a few key elements and just dove right in with all the families. Attendees thought very highly of the time together and are already looking forward to next year.

And finally…

Peter Christ, Lead Pastor

A remarkable story of generosity is going to be shaping our lives together for the foreseeable future.  Prince of Peace had been blessed by Rose Diestler, a dear saint of this congregation, who passed away this past year.  Our community of faith was named as beneficiary to a significant portion of her estate.  The congregation leadership has just begin the process of preparing for receiving this gift.  I look forward to discovering along with each of you how Rose’s generosity might re-shape our already generous community in ways we have not yet imagined.  What a joy-filled and hopeful way to be living out our callings!