On “God’s Work, Our Hand’s” Sunday, Sept. 9, the kids set up a lemonade stand just outside the main entry of the church.  Perhaps it was because it was an especially nice, even hot, morning.  Perhaps it was the extra tasty lemonade, offered with a fresh lemon wedge garnish and the exact number of desired ice cubes.  Perhaps it was the irresistibly cute volunteer sales staff peering through the cardboard window.  What ever it was, this lemonade stand took in just shy of $250 that day, all designated for our partners in ministry at Lutheran Social Service (LSS).

Then on Saturday, Sept. 22, ten Prince of Peace members attended the annual gala fundraiser for LSS and enjoyed a lovely evening, filled with stories of compassion and some extra tasty food and drink.  Towards the end of the evening, the call for donations was lifted up and the room responded.  Pastor Peter had already matched the dollars raised from the lemonade stand from the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund and another generous LSS donor had offered to match any $500 gifts that night.  Our lemonade money had become a $1000 gift which then, combined with every other gift made to LSS that night added up to $1,028,175.  Wow!  What a powerful example of God’s people responding to God’s vision to care for our neighbors in need and what can be accomplished when we come together to be the church, together.

And it all started with a cardboard box, some paint, and the smiles from some beautiful kids serving lemonade.  Thanks be to God.