Please join us September 16th for the first forum of the year. Adult Forums begin at 9:40–10:40, Sunday mornings, and usually meet in the Reception Room, unless otherwise noted. 

September 16: It’s Rally Sunday!  Everyone will meet in the sanctuary to hear guest pastor Rolf Jacobson and Pastor Peter introduce Prince of Peace to the Narrative lectionary series, why we will use it, and how it will shape our life together for the coming year. Younger students, parents and teachers will then go to the gym to be introduced to our new Sunday School format, while interested older adults will be able to hear more from Rolf on the development of the lectionary.

September 23: We hear of Joseph in prison, and Jesus commends those who visit prisoners. Our guest Sarah Walker, is a reformer, advocate and lobbyist for changing the laws of our system of incarceration. Sarah’s public policy work has received many accolades. She will speak about the effects of the current system of incarceration and parole on the person incarcerated as well as on the family and society as a whole.  Along with a large consortium of organizations she has helped make some changes, but much more remains to be done.

September 30:  What drives them to come for asylum?  Marc Prokosch, Senior Attorney at Karam Law, has agreed to be our guest presenter on Immigration & Asylum Law on Sunday. Marc is a former Chair of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, Minnesota/ Dakotas Chapter and has worked in immigration law since being admitted to the MN Bar. He also happens to be Pastor Ruth’s husband.

October 7:  What is Covenant Theology?  Steve Sveom will help us delve into this strong Biblical theme of Covenant.