We need your…

… on our “Mission Site Profile” or “MSP

This is a document that we prepare for the Bishop’s office to be shared with potential candidates for our next associate pastor. It does two things:

  • Describe who Prince of Peace is as a community of faith.
  • Describe the kind of leader we are seeking to find.

This MSP was adapted from the one we prepared in the process of calling Pastor Peter. Most of the “who we are” portion has been only slightly updated. The “leader we seek” parts are specific to the position of Associate Pastor for Faith Formation that was identified in the staffing configuration process led by the Mission Staffing Exploration Team (MSET) and accepted by the congregation at the semi-annual meeting on 1/28/18.

Click here to view the draft MSP: POP MSP Update Mar 2018

Take some time to read through it and share your thoughts below.