The 2018 Holy Hammers Habitat for Humanity home will be built at 717 Geranium Ave. East in St. Paul. This lot is located 2 blocks east of Payne and 2 blocks south of Maryland on the east side of St. Paul.

The work schedule for volunteers has been finalized for all of the Holy Hammers churches. Also for two days, Prince of Peace volunteers will be responsible for providing a noon meal plus morning and afternoon coffee break and treats.

The Prince of Peace work days are:

Week 1–Framing the house:

Monday, April 16 (3 volunteers), Tuesday, April 17 (3 volunteers)

Week 3–Continuing framing the house, and window/door installation:

Monday, April 30 (5 volunteers), Tuesday, May 1 (5 volunteers)

Week 4–Installation of siding and soffit:

Monday, May 14 (3 volunteers)

Week 8–Interior painting, flooring, garage:

Monday, June 18 (3 volunteers), Tuesday, June 19 (3 volunteers)


The Prince of Peace Church meals and snacks days are

Monday, April 30 (3 or 4 volunteers) and Tuesday, May 1 (3 or 4 volunteers).

The signup sheet is hanging up in the hallway by the pastor’s office. Please sign up when you’re at church or call Tara at 651-484-4144 in the office. You don’t have to know how to do these kinds of work. There will be a site manager to give direction.

Chris Henningson is the Prince of Peace volunteer coordinator.