At our Tanzanian dinner in November we were honored to have Bishop Gaville (the new Bishop of the Iringa Diocese in Tanzania) and his wife Pamela as our guests. Bishop Gaville shared his thanks for the support given by Prince of Peace and other St Paul Area Synod con- gregations to help change lives in Tanzania. He placed special emphasis on the importance of the gifts of scholarships that give young people hope for a better future.

The generosity of the members of Prince of Peace in support of our partnership with Bomalang’ombe is truly inspiring. We were able to send $15,000 over to Tanzania that will be used in the following ways:

  • Secondary school (high school) scholarships for Bomalang’ombe students in need
  • Additional secondary school scholarships for students in congregations who do not have a St Paul Area Synod partner
  • Support for Bomalang’ombe’s microfinance and agricultural cooperative through Iringa Hope
  • Christmas gifts for the parish leadership and congregation
  • Funds to help support Bomalang’ombe capital projects including converting the former pastor’s house into a guest house/restaurant and the purchase of a vehicle for parish use
  • Support for the Bega kwa Bega ministry to help offset the expense of keeping everything running smoothly

In addition, we raised over $2,500 prior to our visit to Bomalang’ombe in September which was used for:

  • Soccer balls for secondary schools, Hruma Center orphanage and Bomalang’ombe preaching points
  • School supplies for our sponsored students
  • Rice and a financial gift for Hruma Center orphanage
  • Support for two new Bomalang’ombe parish initiatives: a Widow’s Goat Project and a Women’s Batik Guild for Economic Development
  • We had the joy of seeing first hand how God is working through our partnership when we visited our brothers and sisters in Bomalang’ombe last September – and we were inspired by and learned from their strong and vibrant faith in God’s amazing love.

Please keep our partnership in your prayers.