At the Prince of Peace Semi-Annual meeting on January 28, 2018, the congregation voted to accept the report and recommendations of the Mission Staffing Exploration Team.  The proposed staffing configuration calls for the immediate addition of these two pastoral positions with the following responsibilities:

Associate Pastor/Deacon for Faith Formation – Full Time

  • Collaborative Worship Development & Leadership
  • Preaching 1-2/month
  • Cross-Generational Faith Formation Leadership
  • Child/Youth/Family [CYF] Ministry Leadership
  • Faith Step Instruction (First Communion, Confirmation, etc.)
  • Pastoral Care & Visitation Support
  • Community/Partnership Ministry Support

Visitation/Congregational Care Pastor/Deacon – 15 hrs/wk

  • Visitation & Pastoral Care Leadership
  • Senior Ministries Support
  • Preaching/Worship Support 2-4/year

Candidates for the position of Associate Pastor/Deacon for Faith Formation will come from the ELCA rosters for ordained clergy and/or consecrated deacons.  As such, we will be engaging the formal call process managed through the St. Paul Area Synod and with a call committee elected by this congregation.  The final candidate will be presented to the full congregation to be formally extended a letter of call.

Candidates for the position of Visitation/Congregational Care Pastor/Deacon will most likely come from the rosters of retired Clergy or Deacons.  Once retired, these persons no longer serve under letters of call but rather a covenant agreement is used to contract for services.  The St. Paul Area Synod will still assist in identifying potential candidates but the decisions to contract with the final candidate will reside with the Personnel Committee and approved by the Congregation Council.  An Interview Committee under the guidance of the Personnel Committee will conduct the search and selection process.

If you are interested in serving on either the Call Committee (for the Associate Pastor/Deacon) or the Interview Committee (Visitation/Congregational Care Pastor/Deacon), please call Deborah Cordes at 651-208-1578, email Deb, or email Tara by 02/12/17.

Please include your name, email and phone number as well as a brief statement of why you wish to join the committee.  Please remember to indicate which committee you are interested in.

PLEASE remember we are attempting to find people who meet our demographics including age, gender, longevity at church, and program/committee representation. Not all who volunteer may be chosen and we hope you understand the need to meet these requirements.