December Break did not come soon enough! The youth have been busy all fall, closing out the year with a successful bake sale and Parent’s Night Out, where they babysit 15 kids from the congregation on a Saturday evening making crafts and playing games. Our last event focused on family holiday traditions and we relaxed with some presents and pizza!

One notable discussion we had this last month was on racism. We unfolded a short history of race relations in the U.S. and shared about how racism exists in society today. It’s difficult to be vulnerable and admit when we don’t know all of the statistics and ways to be allies, but having this conversation as a group led to some positive tension and learning.

Looking ahead, January represents new beginnings, and we will focus on self-growth and identity. It is also a perfect time to study women of the Bible with Sonia Hagander’s visit coming up on January 28th. Who is Priscilla anyway? What is the significant of the Samaritan woman? How did Esther save her people?

Sound like some good discussions to have over hot chocolate as we try to stay warm this winter!

Upcoming events:

  • Tubing: Friday, January 12th
  • Youth-led service: Sunday, February 11th

Blessings, Erika Coe

PoP Youth will be at the 2018 National Youth Gathering in Houston this summer.