Deb Mundinger was one of those who traveled from Prince of Peace to Tanzania this past fall as they visited our partner congregation in the village of Bomalang’ombe.  Deb always had her camera close at hand and took, literally, thousands of pictures of the group’s travels throughout the country.  She has now compiled many of her images and published them in a photo journal alongside some reflections from the trip.  A copy of the bound journal, entitled “Bwana Asifiwe,” is available to be viewed in the library at Prince of Peace.

from the book,

Many thanks to the people of Prince of Peace for holding us in your hearts and prayers as we traveled to Tanzania.

Many thanks to Tadai Kihwago, Peter Harrits, and April Trout, for your love, support, and everything that you do to aid travelers and nurture relationships between churches.

Many thanks to our brothers and sisters in Bomalang’ombe.  Your warm welcome and gracious hospitality is the embodiment of God’s love.

And thanks be to God for the relationship between the two churches.  We come together in faith and shared values; as a result we are richer in spirit and brought closer to God.  I am grateful for it.

-Deb Mundinger