What a wonderful day! We were able to worship with our brothers and sisters in Bomalang’ombe.   It was a joy filled service with so many highlights.  Several choirs sang, including us! Pastor Peter preached and started his sermon sharing the cross we brought as a gift.  Before we left, Peter passed the cross among the Prince of Peace members to put their fingerprints on it.  After he presented it, he passed it among the Bomalang’ombe congregation for them to put their fingerprints on it as well.  

In the afternoon we visited the Mwanzala preaching point to share our greetings and we also had the privilege of visiting the evangelists home.  After that we were treated to a concert from the youth choir and we heard of their plans and travels to other congregations to share the gospel through music.

We spent a relaxing evening over dinner sharing stories and ideas with our partners.  We will have lots of stories to share when we get home!


Pastor Peter’s sermon

Children putting their fingerprints on the cross

Serving communion

Blessing the children

Gifts are coming!

Presenting gifts of stoles and a cross

After the service

Walking to Mwanzala

Dancing at Mwanzala

Passing out bookmarks

Youth choir dancing

Kathy teaching the youth choir a song